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  • Experts weigh in on Oregon’s ‘castle law,’ copycat effect after spate of home intruder shootings

    OregonLive - 08/19/2016

    It’s not that hard to prove justifiable cause for shooting a home intruder in Oregon, said Jack Levin, a criminology professor emeritus at Northeastern University.

    Oregon is among about 20 states that have “castle laws” that protect homeowners in these scenarios, Levin said. The Oregon statute says a person is justified in using “deadly physical force upon another person” if the other person is burglarizing or trying to burglarize a home.

    “Your home is your castle according to the law,” Levin said.

    Under the laws, “you don’t have to wait until your life is being threatened or your property is taken,” Levin said. “You can open fire almost immediately.”

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