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  • ‘Empire’ on Fox: Authenticity of black experience brings huge success

    Newsday - 02/02/2015

    “There’s a perceived authenticity and cultural specificity — it is an African-American show, very much so,” says Carole Bell, professor of communications studies at Northeastern University, and author of the forthcoming “The Politics of Interracial Romance in American Film.”

    Bell told me the show — about a thuggish record company executive (Terrence Howard), his ex-wife (Taraji P. Henson), and their contentious offspring — “is from the black experience and speaks to it. One way the show speaks to it is that both [leads] may be part of the 1 Percent but they’ve got deeply entrenched ties to all different economic echelons including the wife, who’s right out of prison. They’re moving up and doing what they have to do — they’re not people who went to Dartmouth and now work for a consulting firm.”

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