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  • Either Trump or Clinton – the winner defies age bias

    Yahoo! - 11/07/2016

    The study, led by Albert-László Barabási at Northeastern University in Boston, should further help change attitudes in the workplace about tapping older workers, especially in creative fields. It could also cause institutions with a required retirement age to drop that rule. Dr. Barabási cites the example of John B. Fenn, who was forced to retire from Yale University but went on to work at Virginia Commonwealth University, where his work there won him the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

    The size of the population over 65 in the United States is at a historic level and will reach 21 percent in 2040. (In Japan, which is a more rapidly aging society, people over 75 now outnumber those under 14.) If this presidential election is any indicator, more seniors can not only flourish in new types of work, they should be expected to. Creativity flows to those most open to it.

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