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  • Ebola fears reach US shores: Hype or real threat?

    CNBC - 08/05/2014

    Previous Ebola outbreaks in Africa, though deadly, have burned themselves out. But experts aren’t sure about this one.

    “Whether this outbreak will spread even more is hard to say,” said Alessandro Vespignani, who is a professor of physics and computer science at Northeastern University.

    Vespignani has created computer models to track the potential spread of deadly viruses like the lethal avian flu virus.

    “But there’s one country worth watching and that’s Nigeria,” Vespignani said.
    He added that Nigeria has had a few cases of Ebola and because it’s a more populous country than nearby by Sierra Leone or Liberia, the spread of the virus in Nigeria could mean it will spread to other places in Africa.

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