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  • Don’t be that guy–learn to fly your drone

    BetaBoston - 05/28/2015

    DartDrones is an authorized dealer for DJI, and trains people on the company’s popular Phantom, a four-bladed helicopter style craft that comes equipped with a 14 megapixel camera and sells for about $1,200.

    The DartDrones curriculum was designed by Andrew Clement, a 26-year-old economics undergrad at Northeastern University who spent a year flying recon drones over Baghdad for the US Army.

    Even the entry-level course is full of detail. Students first learn the basic FAA regulations that apply to all drone pilots, amateur and commercial. You can fly only during daylight hours, below 400 feet, and the aircraft must remain within sight at all times. If you’re within five miles of an airport, you call its air traffic control tower, describe your flight plan and ask permission before taking off.

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