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  • Donald Trump, Boston Olympics & Go Fund Me campaigns

    WGBH - 07/10/2015

    Donald Trump – When he first entered the race, it was an open question whether the press would treat Donald Trump seriously. But now, there’s little question he has commanded the news agenda, and despite controversial comments, the polls as well.

    Boston Olympics – The group “No Boston 2024” has helped inform news coverage of Boston 2024 by going after public documents. How does the media benefit from such info without getting entangled with activists?

    Go Fund Me – Features of seemingly good folks falling on hard times are staples of local newscasts, but now they are increasingly including links to private Go Fund Me campaigns. Is it good practice?

    Rants and Raves – Northeastern University’s Dan Kennedy (@dankennedy_nu), The Boston Globe’s Dante Ramos (@danteramos), WGBH’s Callie Crossley(@CallieCrossley), and WGBH’s Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) share their media hits and misses for the week.

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