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  • Do we need a new pill drill?

    The Huffington Post - 10/25/2015

    Commercials that get into our kids heads drive us crazy. When we see them salivating over enticing ads designed to make them pine for every last morsel of candy, new gimmick or any unhealthy vice, we are outraged. And we should be. It’s pretty despicable companies do this.

    As adults, we are also of great interest to marketers, but the version of “candy” being shoved down our throats — almost literally — are prescription meds.

    The United States, along with New Zealand are the only two countries across the world that allows Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertisements. We turn on our television and are bombarded with the latest breakthroughs that will allegedly help us out of our emotional, physical and even sexual ruts.

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