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  • Dismantling Obamacare one piece at a time

    Boston Herald - 11/10/2016

    “Whatever anyone thinks of the ACA, whether you like it or hate it, a rapid total repeal would be catastrophically disruptive to the health care system,” said Wendy Parmet, director of Northeastern University’s Center for Health Policy and Law.

    But a promise is a promise, and Republican voters will be expecting action.

    “They have so emphatically insisted, even before Trump, that it would be Task 1. And it’ll be very hard for them to walk it back,” Parmet said.

    Yet there are more nuanced — and less catchy — ways to approach it. Any changes would likely be small tweaks with large implications, Parmet said. For instance, taking out pieces of the 6-year-old law, like the mandate, until exchanges fall apart.


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