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  • Details uncovered in Boston’s 2024 Olympic bid may put it in jeopardy

    The New York Times - 05/29/2015

    Joseph Giglio, who teaches corporate strategy at Northeastern University, said, “What’s transpired this week is just validating the public’s suspicions about the motivations and competency of Boston 2024.”

    Boston 2024 has been reeling for some time. The committee had stumbled so often — it pledged, for example, to pay former Gov. Deval Patrick $7,500 a day to be a “global ambassador” for the Games — that just eight days ago, it underwent a leadership shake-up. The group removed its chairman, John Fish, this region’s biggest construction magnate, and replaced him with Steve Pagliuca, an executive at Bain Capital and co-owner of the Boston Celtics.

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