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  • Defining domestic terrorism part two: legal meaning of a loaded word

    WGBH - 07/17/2015

    But while the definition may be correct, says WGBH legal analyst Daniel Medwed, with the conclusion is flawed.

    “If you look at the FBI’s definition of terrorism, it cross references a definition contained in the US code. So that’s one definition from the FBI but it departs from how other people have defined terrorism.  Some people seem to consider it in a much broader light as any act designed to send a message to intimidate a group to reflect some type of larger political message.”

    Medwed, a law professor at Northeastern University, says that can lead to only one conclusion.

    “I feel quite comfortable in branding Dylan Roof as a terrorist.  His acts in Charleston qualify as an act of terrorism.  They were dangerous acts meant to intimidate the African American community and arguably influence government policy in the area of race relations.”  

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