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  • Deconstructing the Law School Deconstructionists

    The Huffington Post - 12/05/2012

    Pity the bright young minds considering law school today. By this point, they’ve heard the narrative propagated in voluminous news articles, op-eds, and a growing number of books, all playing variations on the theme that the suckers who enter law school in 2013 will graduate with burdensome debt, few relevant skills, and no job prospects.

    On the one hand, the sudden attention being paid to the employment prospects of law graduates is understandable. It’s certainly true that disruptive social and economic forces have caused the collapse of major law firms and slowed hiring in the profession. In our recessionary times, this has created a character as appealing to the media as the proverbial man who bites the dog: the lawyer, once virtually assured of employment, unable to land work.

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