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  • Daniel Gregory: The ROI of student internship programs at startups

    The Wall Street Journal - 07/28/2014

    Entrepreneurs approach student internships with a mixture of interest and dread. They like the generally low cost of an internship — modest stipend levels or no cost at all — but they are challenged by how to productively engage an intern. The last thing that a busy entrepreneur can afford is a babysitting job.

    For entrepreneurs, having extra sets of hands, particularly during the early months and years of a new venture, is extremely attractive. There are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish all they need to do.

    Entrepreneurial students see internships at startups as tremendous resume-building opportunities. They accept positions that pay no wages, or well below market wages, worried less about what they will actually do on the job and more about the fact that they can lay claim to having “startup experience” when they are done.

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