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  • Could oxygen make cancer therapy work better?

    NBC News - 03/04/2015

    “I was looking to solve the problem of existence of tumors and anti-tumor killer cells in the same patient,” said Michail Sitkovsky of Northeastern University in Boston, who led the study.

    Most people do produce immune system cells that can kill tumors, and most cancer experts believe they actually do a good job of it, taking out tumors long before they can ever cause symptoms. But, clearly, not always, or else cancer would not be the No. 2 killer, after heart disease.

    Sitkovsky and colleagues looked at one particular property of tumors. They can live without much oxygen, in what are known as hypoxic environments.

    “Since the root of all problems is the lack of oxygen in tumors, a simple solution is to give tumors more oxygen,” Sitkovsky told NBC News.

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