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  • The Atlantic Cities: Could Co-Ops Help Solve Our College Grad Employment Crisis?

    The Atlantic Cities - 09/07/2012

    Many 2012 grads are joining the existing ranks of jobless from the classes of 2009, 2010, and 2011. For those who do find gainful employment, their real wages are some 5 percent less than their peers who graduated in 2000.

    The employment woes of these young adults have not been lost on college admissions consultants. For the first time, The Princeton Review has included a list of rankings dedicated to “Best Career Services” in its 2013 annual big book of leading U.S. colleges. Topping out this list, which is based on thousands of student surveys, is Boston’s Northeastern University. In particular, the school stands out for its strong embrace of cooperative (or “co-op”) education.

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