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  • Complaints against Boston police pile up

    The Boston Globe - 11/23/2015

    “Some officers work in areas where they’re going to generate more complaints than others,” said Jack McDevitt, director of Northeastern University’s Institute on Race and Justice, noting that most officers have few or no complaints at all.

    Complaints filed by residents can serve as an early warning system.

    “If lots of people are saying an officer is overly aggressive or swearing, you have to look at the complaints,” Boston civil rights attorney Howard Friedman said. “Police officers operate mostly outside of view of their supervisors, and complaints are a way of getting feedback.”

    Overall, complaints against Boston police officers were down last year, to 386, compared with 527 in 2013. Use-of-force complaints are at a more-than-two-decade low. Now, most complaints allege disrespectful treatment.

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