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  • College Lobby Group Will Oversee Flow Of Federal Aid Dollars In New Experiment

    Buzzfeed - 08/19/2016

    Two industry lobby groups have been selected to oversee the government’s latest experiment in higher education, which will allow alternative providers like coding boot camps to access federal financial aid money.

    The pilot program, announced Tuesday, will test out partnerships between traditional nonprofit colleges and alternative providers like the Flatiron School, a bootcamp where students learn computer programming, or the online-coursework company Straighterline. Until now, strict accreditation rules have prevented government financial aid from being spent on such programs, making them inaccessible to low-income students.

    Instead of having college accreditation groups oversee the experimental partnerships, the Education Department will task a number of third-party groups, which will create their own standards to measure a program’s success. If the eight-college pilot is successful, the government might eventually open up access to federal financial aid — and allow third party groups to oversee the programs.

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