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  • Clinton crushed it? Not for this debate watcher

    WBUR - 10/14/2015

    n 1987, when I was a senior in college, my debate partner and I won the National Debate Championship, and I finished first individually. Before and during law school, I coached high school and college debate. Now, my son competes, and I spend many weekend days judging high school debate. Last night, I watched every minute of the Democratic debate on CNN. This morning, as I read the papers and listened to the radio, I absorbed the seemingly uniform consensus that Hillary Clinton had “won.” That just isn’t the case. On my ballot, Bernie Sanders, despite some stylistic gaffes, was the clear winner. Clinton spoke well, but failed to deliver a coherent message. In contrast, from the beginning to the end of the debate, Sanders focused attention on his core message: the economic inequality that has come to define our country cannot stand.

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