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  • Climate Change Series: About

    WBUR - 01/16/2013

    With increasing reports of extreme weather and headlines about 2012 being the warmest year on record, climate change can no longer be ignored.

    This spring Cognoscenti teams up with the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs at Northeastern University to bring you a series we’re calling Climate Change. Challenges. Solutions.

    Each week we will focus on one aspect of climate change. Experts in that area will offer the latest knowledge and advice on questions such as: How much do humans influence climate change? To what extent will greenhouse gas emissions need to be curbed, and how? Or, is it too late to make a difference and should we begin to adapt to new climate conditions? What are the national security implications?

    We will examine these and other questions from the perspectives of science, technology, policy, law and ethics and through the voices of leaders from the research and practitioner communities.

    Northeastern’s Joan Fitzgerald explains the program at the core of the partnership. WBUR’s Iris Adler explains Cognoscenti’s role — and what it aims to achieve.

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