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  • Christopher Kimball is sharing the ‘new home cooking’ from Boston

    Boston Magazine - 06/01/2016

    The “new home cooking,” which Kimball has described at public appearances since he left America’s Test Kitchen, is about incorporating techniques and ingredients not typically part of the standard American repertoire.

    “People in Mexico don’t cook Mexican food. They just cook dinner,” he said to a crowd at Northeastern University in February. “Everyone adapts to what they have.”

    He believes that largely, American home cooks rely on northern European influences, including stews, roasts, and a lack of seasoning. But that’s changing, and he wants to help speed it up.

    “There are many techniques around the world. Stir-fry is a technique. Stews in Spain different from French stews. All these combinations get unhinged from local culture and come together in different ways. You’re seeing this in restaurants and supermarkets, but home is the last place to change,” he said. “It’s often simpler, with bolder flavors. It’s a better way to cook, it can be healthier, vibrant, and more interesting.”

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