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  • Chipotle: Our food is so fresh, it could make you sick

    Popular Science - 12/17/2015

    For years, the fast-food chain has touted its use of what it calls food with integrity: fresh food, from farms and not factories, prepared using raw ingredients and cooked with traditional methods. So employees mash guacamole by hand. They shred already-cooked pork and beef by hand. They chop lettuce and tomatoes. What it really comes down to is managing the risks of handling all this fresh food.

    As Darin Detwiler, an instructor in regulatory food issues at Northeastern University in Washington, told NBC News, lots of restaurants use fresh ingredients (and as do home cooks) without making customers sick: “It doesn’t matter what your method is as long as the meat is cooked…and fresh produce is properly cleaned and inspected along the way,” said Detwiler.

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