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  • Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre work of ‘highly trained and skilled’ attackers

    International Business Times - 01/07/2015

    Experts said the use of Kalashnikov assault rifles and pump-action shotguns in the shooting at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and the ease with which the attackers were able to flee the scene, suggest a high level of training and meticulous planning.

    “There were multiple attackers involved and they seem to be quite professional, unfortunately,” said Max Abrahms, a terrorism expert at Northeastern University. “Even though Cherlie Hebdo is a soft target, it’s not that soft. It has a police presence, there was a code at the building, and members of the publication were vigilant because they knew they were under threat, yet the assailants seem to have had no problem going in there, killing [staff and police], and then successfully fleeing the scene.”

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