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  • Charlie Baker’s chance for tomorrow’s transportation

    Boston Globe - 12/08/2014

    Many more ideas are on the drawing board, such as a South Station expansion, a rail link between North and South stations, the purchase of smaller trains called DMUs, more bike lanes, the construction of commuter rail to Fall River and New Bedford, bus rapid transit, and highway interchange reconstructions. As for the MBTA, often a rolling sardine can, the Urban Land Institute and Northeastern University’s Dukakis Center say the state needs to plan for a minimum of 100,000 more riders a day by 2021. The state also has an interest in keeping the Port of Boston, the source of 7,000 jobs, humming for ferries, cruise ships, seafood shipping, and container receiving. The transportation wish list also includes policy prescriptions, such as rush-hour pricing to reduce traffic congestion, and zoning changes to encourage more development near transit stops.

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