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  • Caravaggio could be the key to a new Detroit

    Huffington Post - 07/01/2014

    As Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings continue to unfold, once again some creditors and commentators are arguing that the city should sell off the Detroit Institute of Art’s art collection to pay off the city’s creditors, among whom are thousands of retired city workers. The pro-liquidators would have the pensioners vote against a federally mediated Grand Bargain that is designed to cushion the blow to their benefits plans and prevent a sell-off of DIA art. Symbolically and politically, the fate of the Caravaggio and all the other works held under the DIA’s stewardship, hinge on the outcome of a stark choice confronting the city. Shall the city become a post-bankruptcy exemplar of municipal resilience and transformation, or a poster-child for new experimental forms of what some refer to as disaster capitalism?

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