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  • Can the UN talks bring peace to shattered Yemen?

    Huffington Post - 06/15/2015

    Over the weekend on June 14, UN-brokered talks began in Geneva, but many Yemenis know that with the increasingly hostile armed factions, a destroyed economy and the Saudi/Iran rivalry playing itself out in their country, peace will be hard to come by.

    With the Houthi rebels in the north and al Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula — AQAP — in the south (targeted by U.S. drone strikes), Yemen has long been a hotbed of strife. But when the Houthi rebels made a daring military move in February 2015 and managed to take over the capital Sanaa, forcing President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to flee, the Saudi government decided to intervene to restore Hadi to power.


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