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  • Can readers tell the difference between real news and ‘native advertising’?

    Los Angeles Times - 03/18/2016

    “For reputable publishers like the New York Times or the L.A. Times, attempting to dupe people is simply not productive,” said Yakov Bart, an assistant professor of marketing at Northeastern University Business School.

    “They will want to present native ads in ways that are consistent with other content,” he said, “but they will make sure they are labeled correctly.”

    The gold standard at the moment, according to Bart, is the website Quartz, which features interesting stories along with slickly produced native ads.

    They’re labeled “sponsor content” — “sponsored” would be more accurate, to my mind — and disclose at the bottom that the “article” was created on behalf of a client “by the Quartz marketing team and not by the Quartz editorial staff.”


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