Bulger deserves to be forgotten: Column

One by one, the court clerk read aloud the verdicts on the multitude of charges against the former Boston mob boss, James Joseph Bulger, Jr. As expected, the 83-year-old defendant was found guilty of murderextortionracketeeringmoney launderingdrug trafficking and various weapons violations.

For us here in Massachusetts, it will certainly be a relief to have this protracted saga over and done. No more news reports about possible sightings of the long-time fugitive. No more police motorcades and helicopter escorts transporting Bulger from his local holding cell to court or some medical appointment. No more satellite trucks parked outside the federal courthouse soliciting opinions from experts and ordinary spectators alike about the notorious defendant. No more special treatment afforded this especially undeserving man.

Many folks locally were disappointed that the Bulger trial was not televised. Although some may have been denied the cathartic pleasure of closely watching the court proceedings, such minute-by-minute live coverage would only have broadened Bulger’s stage. His profanity-laced outbursts toward witnesses and the bench could then have been heard around the world, not just inside the confines of the courtroom.

USA Today