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  • Brady sacked in the Second Circuit

    Huffington Post - 04/26/2016

    The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled 2-1 that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s four-day disciplinary suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady should be affirmed. In a carefully researched opinion, Judge Barrington D. Parker explained that, as an arbitrator, Goodell’s decision was worthy of utmost deference. Under prevailing precedent, a court was not to review the commissioner’s judgment either on the merits of his ruling or, for the most part, on the process he followed in reaching his conclusions regarding the NFL’s leading quarterback. Were Commissioner Goodell actually sitting as an arbitrator in this case, the majority’s approach and analysis would be impeccably correct. In fact, Goodell was not sitting as an arbitrator, and thus his entire process was mischaracterized by the Second Circuit panel.

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