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  • BPR: Boston Globe’s Brian McGrory, Criminologist Jack Levin, Saving the U.S.P.S, Bible Blockbusters

    WGBH Boston Public Radio - 03/26/2014

    • Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory goes over the latest news surrounding last year’s Boston Marathon Bombing, from the Department of Justice and a Florida prosecutor ruling separately that an FBI agent involved in the fatal shooting of Ibragim Todashev acted in self-defense, to the Congressional report that details missed opportunities among intelligence agencies in run-up to the Marathon bombing.(Starts at 12:30)
    • David Dayen, contributing writer for, explains how postal banking could help to  rehabilitate our economy and the U.S.P.S. Read more an this innovative solution here. (Starts at 12:55)
    • Northeastern University’s Jack Levin gives us insight into Jared Remy’s violent past. Levin also leavens the conversation with his analysis on why explains why gossiping is good for you.(Starts at 1:15)
    • Film critic Garen Daly explains why Hollywood continually turns to the Bible for its blockbusters. (Starts at 1:35)
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