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  • Boston Health Officials: Norovirus is behind Chipotle outbreak sickening dozens

    WBUR - 12/10/2015

    “It’s even more difficult with these symptoms. You know, they usually start as stomach cramps. You know, there’s a lot of things that cause that,” said Tom Webster, a biomaterials expert at Northeastern University. “And every time you have a stomachache, should you really stay home from work?”

    Whatever the reason for this case, Webster said the food preparation model at Chipotle raises the risk of spreading illness. Burritos are filled and rolled assembly-line-style.

    “We seem as a culture to like when people prepare food in front of us,” he said. “And, you know, I’m sorry to say, but putting up a Plexiglas window is not the safest way to keep a virus or a bacteria from contamination.”

    Webster says it’s better to prepare food in a controlled area, and that companies that choose to prepare food in the open need to be extra vigilant.

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