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  • Boko Haram: Changing media strategy for wider conflict?

    Yahoo! - 02/20/2015

    Max Abrahms, a specialist in terrorist groups, from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, said he was less concerned with the technological advances.

    “Terrorist groups are simply keeping in tandem with current times. We shouldn’t be surprised,” he said by phone.

    But he cautioned against seeing any IS group influence on Boko Haram as one-way traffic.

    Shekau’s repeated tirades against popular jihadist targets the United States and Israel, could be a dog whistle to gain the support — or even mobilisation — of extremists further afield.

    “Boko Haram has gained a lot of steam even with a very childish propaganda arm,” he said in a separate email.

    “What social media seems to do is bring in some members from far-flung corners of the world, most of whom will remain sympathisers from afar.”

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