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  • Bogus travel deals, expired miles leave travelers fuming

    USA Today - 09/22/2014

    Insincere offers aren’t confined to airline loyalty programs, although they can be among the worst offenders. Another class of disingenuous deal is the postcard that says you’ve won a “free” cruise or vacation. Check your mail, there’s probably one there now.

    “The catch is that you have to stay at a time-share facility and agree to be barraged daily with too-good-to-be-true offers to buy into the development,” says Harlan Platt, a professor of finance at Northeastern University.

    Whether you’re collecting worthless airline miles or attending a captive time-share presentation, experts like Platt say travelers should be on their guards for more of these fake offers. They tend to multiply during the summer months, when infrequent, inexperienced travelers hit the road.

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