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  • Bloom Backpacks is developing modular bags without the sticker shock

    BostInno - 11/24/2015

    Trying to cram everything you need over the course of a day – laptop, lunch and gym clothes, for instance – into a single backpack is like a daily wrestling match. And most times, your bag wins.

    Modular backpacks aren’t entirely new. But they’re so expensive that most people opt to sport the pack-mule look and carry multiple bags than to splurge on one of these pricey items.

    A team of Northeastern students, though, is working on Bloom Backpacks – a line of modular backpacks made for hectic lifestyles without the steep sticker price. Having recently taken first place at the Husky Startup Challenge, the venture is already looking good in its effort to develop the best, affordable modular backpack yet.

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