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  • Biosystems nanotechnology: Big opportunities in the science of the small

    Science Magazine - 11/14/2014

    In exploring potential research collaborators, he came acrossHeather Clark, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences, who was working on numerous biosensor-related projects at the nanotech scale. Skipwith contacted her with a request for a postdoc appointment and a collaboration was born, as Clark immediately realized the value they both could provide each other. “He taught us techniques in biophysics, and we taught him about nanoscience,” she says. Today, as Clark’s postdoc, he partners with chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, and engineers in her lab as he develops the biosensors.

    This research “marriage” is not atypical in biosystems nanotechnology labs: Across academia, government, and industry, groups are almost always interdisciplinary, and new employees—whether they are postdocs or permanent staff—are hired based on how they can holistically contribute to the team, or for specific skills they possess which will complement the group’s expertise.

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