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  • Beyond Business 101: Northeastern’s revamped vision for student entrepreneurship

    BostInno - 09/22/2015

    When I dropped by Northeastern University to speak with Ben Bungert, NU student and president of the Entrepreneurs Club, I quickly discovered that the college campus is a complex web of ventures. As Bungert ran through the “eclub” and its rebranding efforts, conversations with the IDEA Ventures Accelerator’s members and startup founders were simultaneously tossed into the mix.

    To put it simply, Northeastern is buzzing with entrepreneurial activity.

    Manning a table in the student center, Bungert excitedly explained the newest opportunities for students to rub elbows with local startup founders. “This year, the Entrepreneurs Club is revamping our program altogether,” he told me. “We’ve had issues in the past, but we have a new vision now.”

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