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  • ATL’s 10 Top Rated Law Schools For 2013

    Above the Law - 01/07/2014

    Last week, we looked at which Biglaw firms were the highest rated in 2013 by their own lawyers, according to the ATL Insider Survey. As we noted, we’ve amassed in excess of 15,500 responses to our survey from practicing lawyers and law students. The information from our survey provides our readers with a deep resource for comparing and evaluating schools and firms, particularly in the form of our Law Firm andLaw School Directories.

    Today, we continue to milk the “it’s a New Year/here’s a list” format and present 2013’s highest-rated law schools. Please note this is not to be confused with the ATL Law School Rankings, which assess schools based on a range of employment outcomes (and which are coming out later this year). These ratings are a pure function of how schools were rated by current students in the areas of academics, financial aid advising, career services, practical/clinical training, and social life.


    6. Northeastern University School of Law – 3.45

    Quality of faculty & academic instruction: 3.74
    Practical/clinical training for the practice of law: 3.97
    Career counseling and job search help: 3.16
    Social life: 3.52
    Financial aid advising: 2.87

    Superior clinical programs in addition to co-op … practical training that can’t be beat. Also an incredibly progressive student body and faculty!

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