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  • Antics help GOP rivals catch eyes, save cash

    The Boston Globe - 08/17/2015

    But Greg Goodale, the associate dean in the college of arts, media, and design at Northeastern University, said it’s about something else too: free media.

    There are too many candidates and not enough space on the airways to support television commercials for each of them in early voting states, Goodale said.

    Candidates, super PACs, and special interest groups have already begun to gobble up ad space on the airwaves of WMUR-TV in New Hampshire, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to have their spots broadcast during daytime talk shows and prime time TV. But, he said, they are competing with corporations who want to continue to advertise their products, too.

    “It’s about . . . how desperate all of them are to get free media,” Goodale said. “There’s not just enough bandwidth and advertising space. There’s just not enough time.”

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