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  • Antibiotic shortages ratchet up superbugs’ threat to patient safety

    FierceHealthcare - 04/24/2015

    Indeed, the drug shortage study’s findings indicate that “this is a big problem, one that we don’t really yet have a strategy to deal with,” study author Larissa May, M.D., of George Washington University, said in a statement. “There are some significant implications for patient care that are very disturbing and are likely to become more significant unless we take steps to mitigate them.”

    Among five broad-based goals in its plan to combat superbugs, the Obama administration aims to “increase and accelerate research and development for new therapeutics and antibiotics.” One such drug is Teixobactin, a new antibiotic developed by researchers at Northeastern University that holds promise for treating C. diff and MRSA, according to FierceHealthcare.

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