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  • Another $75+ lets you jump the line for a road test at Mass. RMV

    WGBH - 11/04/2015

    “It’s appalling,” Northeastern University legal scholar Daniel Medwed said. “This is a classic pay-to-play system.”

    Medwed dismisses any comparison between driving schools and air travel.

    “Air travel is a private service,” he said. “You want to get from A to B through the air. You choose to do that. You go through a private carrier. You can have tiers of passengers based on ability to pay.”

    But Medwed says government should not be in the business of creating tiers of service.

    “The state’s interest in licensing car drivers is designed to protect the public because your ability to drive on the road could impact other potential citizens who are also on the road,” he said. “So that public service is not something that I think lends itself readily or seamlessly to creating tiers of citizens. That flouts the very idea of equal access.”


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