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  • Ailene Voisin: Most still don’t understand domestic abuse

    The Sacramento Bee - 09/11/2014

    “Because we are a patriarchal society, a lot of the root cause here is attributable to hypermasculinity,” said Dan Lebowitz, director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University. “ ‘If I can dominate you, I’m a man.’ That’s a powerful dynamic. But where is the construct that teaches youngsters that being a man includes showing kindness, compassion, respect for women, respect for people of all races?”

    The Boston-based center has been addressing gender and racial inequities and promoting social change for almost 30 years, largely through youth programs and partnerships with various amateur and professional sports leagues, among them the LPGA, the WTA, USA Cycling, the Association of Surfing Professionals and, on a less consistent basis, with the NBA, Major League Baseball and NFL.

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