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  • Aggressive Or Annoying? Some Find Debate Too Rude

    NPR - 10/17/2012

    This is presidential? They bicker, interrupt, talk over the moderator.

    To some, the Obama-Romney rematch was squirm-inducing. But shedding some dignity probably won’t cost the candidates much. Since both President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney came out swinging, neither was likely to claim a decisive advantage among viewers who thought the debate smacked of the wrong type of reality TV. And many backers who were already lined up on the two sides of the super-heated race were looking for a scrappy face-off.

    Alan Schroeder, a journalism professor at Northeastern University who wrote a book on presidential debates, said plenty of them over the years have been downright dull — and this one was lively, even when it ran over the scheduled 90 minutes. So there’s nothing wrong with turning up the heat a bit, he suggests.”

    I think debates should be entertaining,” he said. “It’s political theater.”

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