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  • After Boston Marathon bombings, coordination then chaos, report says

    The Christian Science Monitor - 04/03/2014

    The response to the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and wounded 260 a year ago was remarkably effective in the immediate aftermath but unduly chaotic during the day-long search for the suspects later that week, according to a new Harvard University report.

    n the moments after two bombs exploded on April 15, 2013, emergency personnel responded with the swiftness born of years of post-9/11 emergency planning. The last wounded person was evacuated within 22 minutes.

    “Every person alive when they left the scene of the bombing is still alive today,” says Herman Leonard, co-director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Crisis Leadership and a co-author of the report.

    But when the suspects accused of the bombings were found on April 18, police officers “self-deployed” to the scene of the chase to help, leading to confusion that endangered not only the police themselves but also surrounding citizens.

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