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  • A young matador perfects the art of bull slaying

    Boston Globe - 06/05/2014

    During practice, Damian Castaño’s hands grasp the metal bar of the wooden practice bull, pushing it like a wheelbarrow through the sandy ring. His older brother, Javier, guides his mock opponent, beckoning Castaño toward the cues of his red matador’s cape.

    Javier thrusts his chest proudly forward, his left arm and leg behind his back, luring the bull with his back arched. Moving confidently, with slow, deliberate motions, Castaño, 23, follows the red cape as a “good” bull would, reacting respectfully to the matador’s movements.

    This role-playing is a crucial piece of the younger brother’s education, but just one aspect of a training regimen that calls for years of study, both inside and outside the ring, for a profession that can be deadly even for its most skilled performers.


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