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  • A pioneer in predictive policing is starting a troubling new project

    The Verge - 04/26/2018

    Christo Wilson, assistant professor in computer and information science at Northeastern University and a co-organizer of the Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning conference, also has concerns about the model’s potential to reinforce errors and biases. “If I train a model to predict people’s height, we know how to interpret the output and gauge its accuracy.” But, Wilson noted, “gang-related” is a complex, subjective determination. “So the algorithm is accurate at predicting what? Whether LAPD officers would label a crime as gang-related. Now, maybe the LAPD is 100 percent objective in their determinations of what is and is not gang-related. But if they are not, then the algorithm is going to reproduce their errors and biases.”

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