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  • A new study solidifies the link between guns and suicide

    The Trace - 03/09/2016

    Now, a new study by a team of researchers from Harvard and Northeastern debunks that notion, putting the spotlight squarely on firearms, which are by far the most likely risk factor responsible for increased rates of suicide in gun-owning households.

    Their paper, published this month in Epidemiologic Reviews, a leading public health journal, is a systematic review of four influential studies on firearms suicide. Using what’s known as a bias formula, the researchers set out to determine whether there could be a significant risk factor for suicide that was missed by the earlier studies.

    “When you do the math, it is absurd that such a confounder could actually exist,” Matthew Miller, the study’s lead author, tells The Trace. “This study is just one more piece of evidence that the causal connection between living in a home with a gun and being at higher risk of suicide is really strong.”

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