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  • A change in the seasons

    Huffington Post - 09/06/2014

    For many sports fans, this week brings the long-awaited change in the seasons. The National Football League — the most popular of our sports pastimes — returns with a full schedule of games that actually count in the standings. While those with favorite clubs still in contention for baseball’s post-season linger on in their affection for the leisurely game of summer, most of us are ready to turn the page. Are you ready for some football?

    America’s game of tackles and touchdowns seems a bit different this year. The tentative settlement of the class action lawsuit brought by retired NFL players who were severely disabled by playing professional football has made the public aware of who bears the physical and mental costs of our entertainment. The litigation has made the NFL cognizant of their financial exposure and spurred a long-overdue effort to minimize the damage done to their players. If there was any doubt — and there could be no reasonable doubt in the minds of those who suffered repeated concussions — the players now know the risks of their participation.

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