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  • A better bomb detector? Researchers develop device that can sniff explosives

    Fortune - 11/04/2014

    “Our system will be based on direct sniffing,” Zang said. “We don’t swab your hand. We don’t swab your purse. We sniff it like a dog because sampling of the surface always depends on how much you swab and where you swab. But for sniffing, the molecule hanging around in the air will make a lot of difference.”

    Tom Webster, chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern and expert in nanotechnology and nanomaterials, said he thought Zang’s device had potential.

    “I think its pretty neat,” Webster said. “I think it sounds like a great idea to me. If you had some gun power residue or chemical in the air, the idea they propose is that the carbon nanotubes can actually measure the conductivity of the air.”

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