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  • 7 ways to keep your kids’ brains from turning to mush this summer

    Yahoo! - 06/02/2014

    Numerous studies show that when school’s out for summer, kids’ brains start to drain. When the next academic year starts, they often spend a month or more catching up to where they were when vacation began.

    Here’s where the current generation’s obsession with digital devices can work in your favor. Obviously you don’t want them spending all summer with their eyeballs glued to a screen. They should be out in the fresh air running, swimming, and getting sweaty (don’t forget the sunscreen). But by combining the real world around them with the virtual world of devices, you can engage children’s brains and bodies at the same time.

    “Parents need to recognize that technological devices are also part of the real world,” notes Cynthia Baron, a professor of digital media at Northeastern University in Boston. “They need to look for ways for children to use phones and tablets for active learning and positive socializing instead of passive viewing or endless texting.”

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