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  • 5 ways to get healthy for less money

    ABC News - 04/20/2014

    In the quest to stay healthy and happy, nothing is free: $350 to fill a cavity, $120 for a monthly gym membership, $30 for a yoga class. But you don’t need to go broke just to be at your best. The key to paying less? Asking for it.

    Unfortunately, that’s something many of us don’t do. “Haggling involves two things people hate: conflict and rejection,” says Edward Wertheim, PhD, professor of negotiation at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business in Boston. And health is an area where people don’t often think they can strike a bargain.

    But “anything you spend money on—whether it’s an antique or a skin check—is open to debate,” says Mark Ellwood, author of Bargain Fever. “And health-care prices tend to be arbitrary—there is no rule saying a doctor or personal trainer has to charge a certain amount.” Save big on services by learning the art of negotiation.

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