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  • 3-D pen garners $2m on crowd-funding site

    The Boston Globe - 03/04/2013

    Somerville toy creators Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue struck Internet gold just two days after they posted a project on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter to pay for their latest ­invention: a three-dimensional printer in the form of a hand-held pen.

    Their gadget, known as the 3Doodler, attracted so many pledges — with many people offering­ the minimum of $75, or more, to eventually get their hands on one of the pens — that it quickly generated $2 million in funding. The project is on track to generate well over that amount on the site, which would easily make it one of the most successful campaigns in the short history of Kickstarter.

    “There’s all this magic around 3-D printing that I really think is starting to get people’s attention,” said Janos Stone, a visiting art professor at Northeastern University who is leading a 3-D printing project.

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