COVID-19 Coverage

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COVID-19 Faculty Expertise

Northeastern faculty are available to speak about a wide array of COVID-19 topics.

For information about how to get into contact with a faculty member, please visit our Media Inquiries page.

Faculty Spotlight

Alessandro Vespignani

Sternberg Distinguished Professor of Physics, Computer Science and Health Sciences

Alessandro Vespignani’s research includes developing data-driven models for the spread of infectious diseases; studying social human behavior; modeling the evolution of complex social and technological networks; mining usage and traffic patterns in technological networks such as the Web and the Internet; studying the interaction between social dynamics and online behaviors. Prof. Vespignani is at the forefront of mapping the spread of COVID-19.

Faculty Spotlight

David Lazer

Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer and Information Sciences

Lazer is studying the spread of misinformation of COVID-19 and conducting national surveys that monitor citizen responses to government restrictions put in place to combat the virus.